Dogs of South America

On our travels in Latin America we met many street dogs, and most of them were very friendly. Street dogs get a bad rap because of rabies, but we found the majority of them (with a few exceptions) were actually in very good shape. And if you showed them even the slightest attention, you would have a canine companion for life. Or at least for an hour or so until you got on the next bus. This post is dedicated to them.

This one we met in the sea at Colonia de Sacremento (Uruguay), who insisted on fetching rocks from the water for us. In 30 minutes of splashing about he’d piled up a small wall of stones on the beach.

To South America - Uruguay

This Alsatian met us at the top of trek into the Colca Canyon (Peru) and followed us all the way down. That might’ve been something to do with the fact that we kept giving him orange biscuits which he gulped down with relish. Sensibly, he decided against following us on the two hour hike back up!

To South America - Colca Canyon

This sleepy Labrador was taking a nap in the back streets of Cuzco (also Peru).

To South America - Cuzco

An extremely friendly whippet-type hound who wouldn’t leave me alone on Playa Blanca (Colombia).

To South America - Playa Blanca

One of my favourite pieces of graffiti in Cuzco, simple, brilliant.

To South America - Cuzco graffiti

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