The Final Post – Where Next?

The time has come to close the book on my South American adventures. A fantastic continent where I first discovered proper travelling, and it was undoubtedly the best thing I have done in my life. I would urge anyone who has the time and funds to choose S.A. for a big trip. If you have an open mind and are prepared that things will go wrong, expect the unexpected, and understand sometimes you’ll have to throw your best laid plans out the window, then you will have an awesome time.

Me and Jem in Bolivia

You may have to quit your job, you may have to save like crazy and become a social recluse, you may have to move in with your parents when you get back… these are all sacrifices worth making for a real adventure. You’ll never feel more alive. And that feeling will become an addiction that will never be sated. So when it’s all over, and you’re at home in your cold flat and it’s raining outside, and the travel comedown has kicked in, the only thought rebounding around your head will be: Where to next?

After some serious consideration, and weighing up the pros and cons of several places including Burma, Indonesia and New Zealand, we decided on India. We had heard many conflicting accounts of the place, and they tended to be extremely positive or extremely negative. This intrigued us. It sounded like a challenge! And after surviving Bolivia, how bad could it be?!

So, with bags packed and flights booked to Chennai, here begins my new blog: The Life of Chai. Please check it out if you’re interested!

India here we come

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