Dogs of South America

On our travels in Latin America we met many street dogs, and most of them were very friendly. Street dogs get a bad rap because of rabies, but we found the majority of them (with a few exceptions) were actually in very good shape. And if you showed them even the slightest attention, you would have a canine companion for life. Or at least for an hour or so until you got on the next bus. This post is dedicated to them.

This one we met in the sea at Colonia de Sacremento (Uruguay), who insisted on fetching rocks from the water for us. In 30 minutes of splashing about he’d piled up a small wall of stones on the beach.

To South America - Uruguay

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Tamarindo and Santa Teresa

Going surfing is an activity that’s almost an obligation on a visit to Costa Rica. Mandatory even. On pain of death. Many people go there solely for its epic breaks and beautiful beaches. In my 30 years on the planet, I had yet to try it, so this seemed like the perfect time. I’d done a bit of body-surfing (catching waves with no board- the poor man’s surfing), but that pales in comparison to the speed you get on a board.

To south America - Santa Teresa in the morning

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