Touch down on Valley of the Moon

The valle de la luna is so named because of its similarity to the surface of the moon. And after looking at it from above I had to agree, as it did appear like the CGI images they use in documentaries to replicate the surface of other planets (especially the first pic below). We paid a bit more for a tour with only 6 other people that took us down into the valley, and it was worth every penny. One thing you can’t help noticing is how dry it is. Even the rocks seem drier than normal rocks, if that’s possible…

Truly spectacular place. At the end of the walk, the guides take you through a canyon carved centuries ago by a river and formed of quartz and salt crystals. As you walk into a cave you can hear the rocks cracking in the baking sun… a strange, unexpected experience…

Trekking the Valley of Death (deep in the Chilean Atacama)

My last few posts have been text heavy and image lite. So in the tradition of the time-honoured cliche (a picture tells around a thousand words) I’ll focus on the pics in this one. These photos were taken in the Atacama desert in Chile, a short drive from the small town of San Pedro de Atacama.

We visited the Valle de la Muerte (valley of death, aka the Mars valley) and Valle de la Luna (the valley of the moon). Both have pretty awesome names I think you’ll agree, whatever language you favour. First set of images comes from the good ol valley of death and dying. *

Web connections in Bolivia being what they are (ie: goddam unreliable), I will upload valley of the moon pics in the next update!