About my Adventure

I am 29 years old and I work in the product department of a small travel company. A few weeks ago I handed in my notice to go travelling to South America. For reasons I am not entirely convinced aren’t egotistical, I have decided to keep a blog to document my deeds in the hope that someone, somewhere might find it interesting.

Why South America? Because I haven’t been there chiefly: it seemed the right time to rectify that fact. People who travel, and I mean really travel, often talk about getting ‘itchy feet’. Not to be mistaken with a fungal foot infection, this is when your brain tells you it’s time to move on, to see some more of the world, to expand those proverbial horizons.

Now also seems a good time to go. The economies of the worlds global superpowers are in a slow march to meltdown, the price of everything is rising… at this rate it won’t be long until we’re all clad in hessian sacks, eating soil, and worshipping the sun again.

Now you may say I’m shirking responsibility, that I’m foolish to be leaving my job at a difficult economic time, that I’m putting off a possible career to swan around for 5 months south of the equator.

I say: To South America!!!

7 thoughts on “About my Adventure

  1. Hello,
    My name Iryna Mamaieva.
    I am a graphic designer from Ukraine and i do a cover for book about Columbia for the Ukrainian publishing house.
    I found in your www a photo (street art from Bogota) good for this is cover.
    May i usе it? If may – what we must write near the Copyright? How much it will be cost?

    with respect,
    Iryna Mamaieva

    • Hi Iryna,

      Thank you very much for your message. I am currently at my family home for Christmas, I will get back to you with more details as soon as I return to work.

      May I ask which image you were thinking of using?

      Kind regards,


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