Bad Translations

During my trips abroad I’ve occasionally seen things that have made me smile or even laugh out loud. Some of these things, like being woken in the middle of the night by a drunk Scotsman playing the bagpipes in the Costa Rican jungle, you can’t really capture on film or reproduce.

But what you see below is a small collection of things (mostly bad or odd translations), starting with these Peruvian biscuits with an ‘interesting’ name…

To South America - Unfortunately, they didn't live up to their name

Back in Argentina, I came across a kids shop that should probably fire it’s marketing team.

To South America - Mr Cock

I noticed this sign in several places in Costa Rica.

To South America - Who could refuse such an offer?

I can’t help thinking it was somehow related to this bus company I saw in Brazil:

To South America - 'Ass tourism' is on the rise

At the start of the Inca Trail we were all issued with tickets, most of which contained at least one bit of completely inaccurate information. On mine they claimed I was 24 (I’m 29) and that I was from Botswana (I’m British).

To South America - Inca Trail ticket

This picture comes from a trip a couple of years back to Namibia. The name of these crackers still makes me laugh/cringe/reach for the sick bucket:

To South America - Salticrax

This one is from Mexico. Obviously they were dead against embroidery

To South America - No smocking please

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