The River Wild

Looking back on Tuesday the 3rd of April, I can still say it was one of the best days of my year. This is the day I went white-water rafting for the first time on Costa Rica’s Rio Pacuare. The rapids are classed as III-V which is pretty high on the scale (VI is the highest), and the route takes you down a beautiful stretch of the river with jungle covered banks filled with monkeys, waterfalls and numerous birds (including the photogenic toucan). But we didn’t spend too much time birdwatching, as there were some mighty rapids ahead, and the adrenalin was pumping!

To South America - Our rafting team

We shared the boat with a couple from Switzerland, two brothers from the US, and a guide who looked about 16 years old but was wise in the ways of the river. He seemed to particularly enjoy shouting orders at us from his seat at the back of the boat while endlessly repeating the Costa Rican mantra: ‘pura vida!’.

To South America - The rafting begins...

As we went further down the 22km stretch of savage river, the rapids got bigger, and things got more exciting.

To South America - Deep waterOf course, we all got soaked to the bone… and loved every minute of it.

To South America - The river wild

At the end of the day we enjoyed a buffet meal and got on so well with the two friendly Americans they offered us a ride to our next destination, La Fortuna. What a day!

To South America - Splish Splash

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