10 Things I Learnt from Travelling South America

1. In Bolivia it’s considered good luck to run over a cat. The brutal balance is restored by making it bad luck to run over a dog.

2. Sadly a ‘Ferreteria’ isn’t a shop solely devoted to ferrets, just an ordinary hardware store.

3. Paying 1 Boliviano for the toilet doesn’t necessarily mean that toilet will be better than going behind a bush. In fact it pretty much never means that.

4. Just about every single car in Bolivia and Peru has a ‘taxi’ sticker on it. This does not mean it’s an official taxi or in any way roadworthy. You can buy these stickers for nothing from the local markets!

5. There are more donkeys on the Isla del Sol than the rest of South America. This may or may not be true, but it certainly seems that way when you’re woken at the crack of dawn by the bleatings and nayings of these demented beasts. Don’t be fooled by this picture, these woolly mammals are a menace!

To South America - Donkey on the Isla del Sol

6. Throwing/giving possessions away is liberating. For some perplexing reason I brought a copy of Joyce’s Ulysses with me, and leaving it in a hostel in Argentina had a very positive effect on the weight of my backpack.

7. Walking uphill and eating whilst at altitude is surprisingly difficult, and possibly dangerous.

8. On the flipside, getting drunk at altitude is easy and cheap!

9. Shops that play loud dance music invariably always sell washing machines.

10. Taking a bus driven by a suicidal drunken maniac can give you a renewed appreciation for the wonders of life.

If anyone has any others to add, please let me know!

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