South American Street Art and Graffiti – Part 2 (Bogota)

Following on from my last post, I decided to devote an entire article to Bogota’s graffiti. Why? Well because it was some of the most impressive I’ve ever seen, anywhere in the world. This was all taken in and around La Candelaria neighbourhood, the lively spot where we spent three nights. Hope you enjoy the images…

This first one is the larger version of my current blog header. Pretty striking! The devil is in the detail, there is so much going on in this picture you could look at it for a full 5 minutes.

To South America - Bogota, graffiti wall

This next one was on the walk up towards the Cerro de Monserrate. I really like the dystopian nuclear family, bottom right.

To South America - Bogota, Nuclear family

The cartoon feel of the next one is juxtaposed nicely with the shocking image of a girl hiding a bomb behind her back.

To South America - Girl with Bomb

A couple of untrustworthy figures…

To South America - Two dodgy figures

I couldn’t find a translation for this, but I’m guessing it’s not an advert for the fast food giant.

To South America - Maccy Dee's

The same artist who did the stencil image at the bottom of that pic did this one below, an interesting slant on the scales of justice.

To South America - The Scales of Justice?

Finally, I’d like to finish with this simple, but amusing image of an officer figure, that has been given some sparkling silver horns and a red nose.

To South America - Officer

2 thoughts on “South American Street Art and Graffiti – Part 2 (Bogota)

    • Thanks ETS, and thanks for following! You should definitely travel to South America, I’m not sure you can find such a variation of experiences on any other continent… I would go back in a heartbeat!

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