9 more days…

On Tuesday I left my one bedroom flat in Brighton, gave all my furniture to charity, sold the possessions I could and took my first big step towards South America.

On Friday I left my job and said goodbye to all my workmates on a disorganised, booze-filled, but extremely enjoyable pub crawl. That was step number two.

Step number three comes on the 22nd of November when I hop over the equator to Rio de Janeiro and begin my Latin American odyssey.

* * *

Suddenly it seems South America is all over the news. Today I read about how the president of Colombia is considering the legalisation of drugs. This comes about a week after it was announced the leader of FARC was assassinated by his US-backed government. And the police in Brazil invaded one of the biggest favelas in Rio in an attempt to rid the city of it’s notorious drug gangs. A little further back and the indigenous people in Bolivia were protesting against the president Morales and his proposed exploitation of the Amazon.

So South America seems the place to be if you get your kicks from civil unrest. I do think you need a little commotion in your life to keep the juices flowing, to wake your dormant adrenal gland into action. I’d pick that rather than reading about it in the Sunday papers.


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